Are you a Borth Senior ?

If you are a member of the club and 55 years of age or over you are automatically a member of our Seniors Section. Our Seniors Captain Jeff Evans would certainly like to say hello. If you see him in the club please introduce yourself.

What we do

We meet on a Tuesday now at 9:30 am (for the duration of winter rules).

We have a programme  of home and away matches with other clubs and also  

  • an Annual Knockout Competition
  • Seniors Championship, and
  • Christmas Competition and lunch.

Click here for the programme for 2019    .Seniors fixture list 2019

What should we do ?

We’re open to suggestions on how to better meet your needs. If you feel a group of seniors would enjoy some new event then please let us know. We can coordinate matters but may ask for the organisation to be a shared task.