Ladies' Presentation

A well attended presentation afternoon was held at the clubhouse on Saturday 6th April when Captain Susan Lund presented prizes to the winners of competitions held over the first three months of this year.  The weather was kind to the competitors and most of the events were well attended.  The results are as follows.

11 hole comps -

5th January - Winner – Kathy Price – 18pts on back nine from Barbara Flanagan who came second and third was Mair Jenkins.

12rh January - Winner was Anne Morris – 18pts and second was Jean Harrison 17pts and third was Mair Jenkins – 16pts

January 19th - Winner was Karen Evans – 20pts on back nine from Gill Jones and third was Lynda Evans – 18pts

January 26th - Winner was Karen Evans – 19pts, 2nd was Lynda Evans, 17pts on back nine from Gill Jones

February 2nd - Winner was Jean Harrison – 19pts, 2nd Captain Susan Lund -16pts and 3rd was Barbara Flanagan -15pts

Febrruay 9th - Winner was Juliet Parry Jones – 16pts, and second was Barbara Flanagan 13pts on back nine from Margaret Roberts

February 16th - Winner was Clare Jones – 20pts and 2nd was Mair Jenkins – 19pts on back 6 from Karen Evans

February 23rd - Winner was Barbara Flanagan – 21pts and 2nd was Gill Jones – 20pts and 3rd was Lynda Evans-16pts

St Davids Day AM AM  Shield  kindly donated by past president Anna Hubbard

Winners - Kathy Price, Clare Jones and Margaret Roberts – 71pts Runners up were Barbara Reece, Gill Jones and Sarah Seccombe – 61pts

Winter Eclectic 2018-1019

Winner – Margaret Roberts 82-11-71  Runners up with 73 were Mair Jenkins, Anna Hubbard and Karen Evans

9/11th March – Stableford. Winner Jean Harrison – 27pts

18th March. Medal 1 – Winner Breda Roberts 

23/15th March – Stableford. inner was Karen Evans with an excellent score of 39pts and way ahead of the rest of the field and bringing her handicap down to 16 

2nd was Anna Hubbard - 30pts on back nine from Lynda Evans

30/3/19 Medal 3. Winner again was Karen Evans with a score of 72 nett off her new handicap of 16 and second was Mair Jenkins with a nett 74

9 hole comp Winner was Nans Morgan

1/4/19 Medal 4  Winner Gill Jones – nett 79 and 2nd was Carol Holmes – nett 84

9 hole comp  Winner was Nans Morgan

Winter Knockout – Horton Cup  The worthy winner of the Horton Cup was Gill Jones beating Margaret Roberts in the final.

Nans Morgan  6/4/19  


New Competition

We have established the Proshop Stableford competition.  

This competition will be run every month with the opportunity 

to enter as many times during the month as you wish-

  • £2 for each card (cards can be obtained from the proshop)
  • Enter as many times during the month as you wish
  • Yellow tees (men), red tees (ladies)
  • Monthly prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
  • There will also be a prize for the best scores over the season
  • First competition starts 1 December 2018