Club History

Borth and Ynyslas Golf Club History

Flags at BorthThe golf course, lying to the North of Borth village on the coast of Cardigan Bay, developed as a result of a happy series of events that had little direct connection to the game.

The first recorded of these was the arrival of a whole school on the Welsh Coast Railway, the railway having been extended to Borth in 1863. Uppingham Scool, complete with beds and bedding, arrived in March 1876 to escape a typhoid epidemic in Rutland.

In Uppingham by the Sea – A narrative of The Year at Borth, the author clearly refers to golf having been played during the year the school was at Borth.

Thus it was that some of the masters of the school played golf at Borth and it is thought that, at first, a few holes were played in a largely unorganised way, however a full course was established by 1885.  The claim for this being the oldest 18 hole course in Wales is based on a substantiated report made by Colonel Congens that he ‘had played the course in 1885’.  This is supported by the Golfing Annual of 1889/90 which refers to a recently established 18 hole course at Borth.

The influence of Uppingham School is evident in the appointment of Mr P Morton, a master, as the first Captain of Borth Golf Club at its inaugural meeting held on 3 August 1893.

In September 1894 an article appeared in the Cambrian News which suggested that the Club’s star was in the ascendant: ‘Borth Golf Links- These links have been well patronised of late and are continually becoming more popular.  The delightful weather which has prevailed of late has attracted a large number of players to the place.  On Saturday, September 15th, a Challenge Cup, valued £25, with golf memento, will be played for by amateur golfers, members of recognised clubs.  On Monday, September 17th, we will be offering for competition, Medals and a Captain’s prize. A prize of £5.00 will also be offered for the best aggregate scratch score for the two rounds.